Welcome to Jo Mitchell Photography

Last updated by Jo Mitchell on 23rd January, 2019 - there are lots of changes so bear with me as the site receives a complete overhaul. Thank you.

Welcome to my photographic site which is intended to provide a showcase for my photographs and a diary of my experiences as I learn and develop my photographic skills.

Please feel free to browse through the photos on this site. I would also love it if you would leave comments to let me know what you think.

Unless stated otherwise, all photographs on this site are my property. They are all subject to copyright and must not be downloaded, shared or distributed without a licence from me.

Thanks to Little Imp for proof-reading!

Setting up this website whilst holding down a full-time job, taking photographs, editing them, attending courses, learning my craft and trying to live this life I have fought so hard for has left me with little time. I have created a page of contributors links which include the companies and people who have helped in no small way. Please take a little time to check them out.

I have always been aware of how important security is on the internet, having been the subject of identity fraud in the past. My website hosts, 1-2-3 Reg Ltd, have supplied a lovely piece of software called Site Scanner which monitors this site and ensures that it is safe, so you can view each page of my diary and each set of photographs knowing that there are none of those nasty bug things lurking in the background ☺